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New thoughts...

2012-12-15 13:30:09 by JKL90

Well, I thought my last flash would have been more famous, but nevermind, I lost time doing it lol.
Anyway, in the last months I've been working with fl studio, and I decided to leave macromedia forever and start making some electronic music, just for fun.
So if you want you can now:

-Like my Facebook Page

-Follow me on Twitter

-Follow me on Soundcloud

That's all.
Regards, Leda.
Not JKL90 anymore

EDIT: With this I mean that I won't be posting flash/sounds/shit on this site anymore.
I'll just follow the-swain and krinkels like always c:

FFG vs MCG Episode 1

2012-07-24 12:49:45 by JKL90

Finally finished after lot of work :D
Go watch it here.
Depending on the ratings, I'll make Episode 2, 3 and if won't be a total fail I'll make Episode 4...5...and maybe many other!

New Flash

2012-07-24 04:11:00 by JKL90

My new flash is nealrdy done, just finishing the last scene and fixing some animation bugs, I'll probably upload it Today or Tomorrow, damn that would probably be my best flash :3

Summer Time!!!

2012-06-14 09:27:35 by JKL90

Finally, summer time arrived, so as my info says, Summer Time=Flash Time!
Just relased a test because I didn't use macro for lot of time, so I made it just for test my skills ( Which are really bad xD).
I'm thinking about making a flash divided in 3 episodes of madness using MC sprites and cuteness using Freindly Fire sprites.
How does it sounds to you?

Little Chat with the Master......

2011-08-26 16:05:31 by JKL90

Always forgot to make that post BUT, i found the file.
I'm talking about a little chat I had with the Master, Matt Krinkels!
Here is the chat:

(22.08) El Kun Claudio: lol
(22.08) Matt: hello?
(22.09) El Kun Claudio: hello
(22.09) Matt: can i help you?
(22.09) El Kun Claudio: no, thanks....
(22.09) Matt: aight, cya.
(22.10) El Kun Claudio: k
(22.10) El Kun Claudio: can't belive you're chatting with me lol

I was too exicted and i didn't know what to say him XD

YAY 150!!!!!!!

2011-03-17 05:55:22 by JKL90

Today its a very important day for italian peaople.
We are celebrating the anniversary of the unity of Italy!!! Exacty 150 years!!! oh my gammit!!!!
150 years ago, on 17 March 1861, the Kingdom of Italy was proclaimed, with Turin as its first capital. In 1911, Italy commemorated its first 50 years with an international Industrial Exhibition in Turin.
To celebrate the Centenary in 1961, Turin hosted a fair, visited by six million people. Italy showcased its regional traditions and its achievements in science, technology, transport and cinema. This exhibition took place on the premises that have now become the campus of the International Training Centre.Italy is now planning to celebrate its 150th anniversary as a united nation. Turin and Piedmont are preparing a great international happening like in 1911 and 1961: an opportunity to look at the future of Italy, remembering past glories and celebrating present achievements.
For a whole year, Turin will be the place to relive the past and celebrate the future. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!


2011-01-23 09:18:58 by JKL90

Well, its 2011 lol.
I'm using newgrounds just for see if MC 10 is out, and it's getting sooooooooo damn boring.
My Macromedia CD is just next to me, and i think i'm gonna put it on my new laptop.........and try to make new flashes..........yes, I'm gonna do more flashes.
I don't have new ideas, so I'm gonna Re-make some of my old flashes i posted on newgrounds.
P.S. I don't get a frick if you're not gonna like my flashes >:)

EDIT: do you like my drawing skills? XD It isn't finished yet!


No macromedia!!!!

2010-07-20 15:31:40 by JKL90

I lost Macromedia for the 6th time and I don't fucking want to rererererereinstall it!!!!
so, goodbye flashes!!! sad........XD


2010-02-11 14:53:06 by JKL90

So, what i should do????
First, you say: You suck!!!
Now you say: We love you!!!
Wathever is your rating i will make flashes.
And now i'm thinking to make a Remake of my first flash:"My madness combat episode", making it more fluid.


2010-01-08 12:04:15 by JKL90

i have decided something..................
i will not made any new flashes because all of you hate me and my flashes sucks.