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Entry #17

New thoughts...

2012-12-15 13:30:09 by JKL90

Well, I thought my last flash would have been more famous, but nevermind, I lost time doing it lol.
Anyway, in the last months I've been working with fl studio, and I decided to leave macromedia forever and start making some electronic music, just for fun.
So if you want you can now:

-Like my Facebook Page

-Follow me on Twitter

-Follow me on Soundcloud

That's all.
Regards, Leda.
Not JKL90 anymore

EDIT: With this I mean that I won't be posting flash/sounds/shit on this site anymore.
I'll just follow the-swain and krinkels like always c:


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2012-12-16 11:14:32

not enuff dubstep needs more naruto vampy xD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JKL90 responds:

Lol? lol.